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"Human beings are great because of dreams, and an enterprise thrives because of culture."
Our company has a good corporate culture. Our chairman Li Baoyuan  has always advocated and adhered to the idea of "becoming an enterprise with thoughts and being a legal person with character", stuck to the corporate personality of "honesty based and integrity first"; adhere to the core value of "pursuit of transcendence, devotion of sincerity, boundless organization, and value co-creation", injected the company with the gene of long-term development, and always created a harmonious development environment with the thought of "harmony between heaven and people", to form a “family-based” corporate culture with theme of “harmonious family and responsible persons".
Mission: Create space with love.
Core values: Pursuit of transcendence, devotion of sincerity, boundless organization, and value co-creation.
Company spirit: Be an enterprise with thoughts and be a legal person with character.
Theme of corporate culture: A harmonious family and responsible persons.
Corporate backbone culture: Business culture of being honest and trustworthy, people-centered culture of being harmonious and responsible, quality culture of pursuing whole-process fineness, and customer-oriented service culture.
Character of the legal person: Honesty is the base, and integrity is the key.
Strategic thinking of the building sector: Build aircraft carrier, integrate sword team, system operation, and brand expansion.
Guiding ideology of the overall strategy: Strong base, level lifting, exploration and innovation, sustainable development.